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Traxxas Summit 1/10 4WD Electric Monster Truck RTR TQi 2.4GHz Radio TRA56076-4

  • $239.19

This is the Traxxas Summit Electric 1/10 Scale 4WD Extreme Terrain Monster Truck RTR with EVX-2 ESC (fwd/rev), a Titan 775 Motor included and a TQi 2.4GHz radio system.  The Summit has a versatile all-terrain performance..

  • Brand: Traxxas
  • Product Code:STS00000145
  • Availability:In Stock

Tags: Traxxas, Summit, 1/10, 4WD, Electric, Monster, Truck, RTR, TQi, 2.4GHz, Radio, TRA56076-4, Car

This is the Traxxas Summit Electric 1/10 Scale 4WD Extreme Terrain Monster Truck RTR with EVX-2 ESC (fwd/rev), a Titan 775 Motor included and a TQi 2.4GHz radio system.  The Summit has a versatile all-terrain performance with high/low transmission and remote locking differentials!  No need to head for the garage when the sun goes down!  The Summit lights up the night with an integrated LED illumination system. Four bright white LEDs blaze the trail ahead, while six red LEDs show where Summit's been. The LEDs are integrated into the bumpers for durability and convenience, and the chassis-mounted wiring harness eliminates the possibility of tangles and hooked wires.


  • One Traxxas Summit Electric 1/10 Scale 4WD Extreme Terrain Monster Truck RTR
  • 775 size motor
  • 2.4GHz radio with two digital waterproof servos
  • 5-ch Traxxas Link receiver
  • ESC
  • Painted body
  • Decals 
  • Instruction manual


  • Transmitter Batteries: Four AA
  • Charger: NiMH compatible, high-current connector adapter (TRA3061) is required if using Duratrax Onyx charger
  • Two LiPo batteries (TRA2843X)

If purchasing additional batteries with this model please view the Traxxas battery application guide since some battery packs will not fit every application and some require the purchase of a battery expansion kit.

Please Note: Body color/design may differ from image shown. You may not receive the color or design as shown in the image above as they are chosen randomly at the time of shipment. If you would like a specific body please add a comment on the checkout page. We will do our best to honor your request. If the color you request is not available we will move to a second available choice if provided or send what we have available at the time of shipment.


  • Fiber-composite chassis with composite center skidplate shield and scalable battery compartments that accept 6- and 7-cell sport packs and LiPo packs, quick release battery doors and cooling vents
  • Ten LEDs, four white LEDs in front and six red LEDs in rear integrated into bumpers with chassis mounted wiring harness
  • Four wheel shaft drive
  • Traxxas Titan 775 10 turn with fan-cooled armature
  • Traxxas TQi DSSS 2.4GHz high output with Traxxas Link Wireless Module that allows wireless connection to the Traxxas Link Application with the Traxxas Link Module (not included, order TRA6511) for instant Bluetooth connectivity to an intuitive high-definition graphical user interface featuring Real-Time Telemetry, Customizable Dashboards, Steering/Throttle Expo, Steering/Braking Dual Rate, Servo Reversing, Endpoint Adjustment, Profile Customization and Sharing (sensors not included and must be purchased separately) 5ch receiver with 3 telemetry ports that allow real-time data to be transmitted from model to TQi transmitter
  • Two waterproof digital steering servos for a total of 250 oz/in torque and .16 second transit time
  • Waterproof radio box
  • Traxxas EVX-2 16.8V ESC, forward and reverse with patent pending training mode, equipped with Traxxas high current connectors
  • GTR oil filled shocks with hard anodized bodies with titanium nitride shafts
  • Brushless ready two-speed transmission with metal center idler gear available, remote shifting high-low design with ultra low high-torque 75:1 first gear and faster 25:1 second gear
  • Front and rear T-Lock remote locking differentials that can be controlled from transmitter
  • Full set of ball bearings
  • 3.8" (97mm) wide, Geode wheels with 17mm hex and removable beadlock style sidewall protectors to guard against rock damage and lend support to the tire/wheel glue joint
  • 7.1" (179mm) diameter Canyon AT tires with angular lugs for high traction, 3.8" (96.5mm) wide
  • 17mm splined aluminum hubs
  • Sealed pivot ball, ultra long travel suspension
  • Dual servo bellcrank type steering system
  • Painted and trimmed Lexan body with functional tube style ExoCage body system
  • Adjustable caster angle, caster/toe-in refers to the angle of the front suspension when viewed from the side of the car in relation to the chassis
  • Non-adjustable camber angle, camber refers to the angle of the tops of the tires from vertical when-when viewed from front or behind vehicle


Summit Tech Specs:
Length: 22.17 inches (563mm)
Front Track: 18.48 inches (469.5mm)
Rear Track: 18.58 inches (472mm)
Center Ground Clearance: 4.76 inches (121mm)
Weight: 11lbs (4.98kg) (w/o batteries) | 12.7lbs (5.75kg) (with batteries)
Height (overall): 12.6 inches (320mm)
Wheelbase: 14.84 inches (377mm)
Front Shock Length: 87mm
Rear Shock Length: 87mm
Front Tires (pre-glued): Canyon AT™ (7.1" x 3.8")
Rear Tires (pre-glued): Canyon AT™ (7.1" x 3.8")
Front Wheels: 3.8" Geode™ (chrome)
Rear Wheels: 3.8" Geode™ (chrome)
Speed Control Type: EVX-2 with Low Voltage Detection | Forward/Reverse/Brake
Motor (electric): Titan® 775, High-Torque Fan Cooled (10-turn)
Transmission: High-Low Two-Speed
Overall Drive Ratio: Stock, Out-of-Box: 25.34 (high gear) | 70.18 (low gear)
Differential Type: Bevel Gear, Sealed, Limited Slip
Gear Pitch: 32-Pitch
Chassis Structure/Material: Molded Composite Nylon Tub
Brake Type: Electronic
Drive System: Shaft-Driven 4WD
Steering: Bellcrank
Radio System: TQi™ 2.4GHz (4-channel)
Skill Level: 2

EVX-2 Tech Specs:
Input Voltage: 6-14 cells (7.2 to 16.8 volts) | 4-cells (Two 2-cell) LiPo (14.8 volts)
Case Size: 2.27"W x 2"D x 1.05"H
Weight: 3.6 ounces
Motor Limit (540-size): 10-turns
Motor Limit (550-size): 12-turns
On-Resistance­ (@Trans)—FWD/REV: 0.004 Ohms / 0.004 Ohms
Rated Current—FWD/REV: 180 amps / 180 amps
Braking Current: 360 amps
Continuous Current­ (@100ºF amb.): 30 Amps
Reverse Delay: None
BEC Voltage: 6.0 volts DC
BEC Current: 2.5 amps
Power Wire: 14 Gauge / 3"
Input Harness Wire: 26 Gauge / 9.5"
Motor Wires: 14 Gauge / 4"
Transistor Type: MOSFET
PWM Frequency: 1700 Hz
Thermal Protection: Thermal shutdown
Low Voltage Detection: 2-Stage indicators, switchable (on and off)
Profile selection:

  • Sport Mode: 100% fwd, 100% brakes, 100% rev
  • Race Mode: 100% fwd, 100% brakes, no rev.
  • Training Mode*: 50% fwd, 100% brakes, 50% rev.

Single-Button Setup: Yes, Traxxas EZ-Set®