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Team Losi Racing 22 4.0 Race Kit 1/10 2wd Buggy TLR03013

  • $167.79

This is the Team Losi Racing 1/10 scale 2WD 22 4.0 race kit buggy. TLR engineering once again sets the standard for 2WD buggy versatility and drivability with the 22® 4.0 kit. It takes all the features that made the 22 3.0 bu..

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This is the Team Losi Racing 1/10 scale 2WD 22 4.0 race kit buggy. TLR engineering once again sets the standard for 2WD buggy versatility and drivability with the 22® 4.0 kit. It takes all the features that made the 22 3.0 buggy a championship-winning juggernaut and adds the ability to choose between stand-up and laydown transmission configurations. 

Stand-Up and Laydown Configurations Included 
Drivers can maximize performance for any surface with the two 3-gear transmission options that are included. The proven stand-up option from the 22 3.0 kit provides the best balance for low-to-medium grip surfaces. The all-new laydown option moves the motor a little over 20mm closer to the center of the chassis. It also features an adjustable-height differential for soil and artificial surfaces. 

Adjustable Rear Shock Location 
The new laydown-transmission rear shock tower can be flipped for a forward or rearward bias. This means the GenII rear shocks can be mounted either in front of the rear tower and suspension arm, or in the traditional location on the back of the arm. This has become a popular tuning option for higher- grip surfaces. It also increases forward weight bias, rear end stability, and landing ability. 

Aluminum-Plate Rear Hub 
The hub base is molded composite, allowing a bearing to be press fit without play and minimal unspring weight when compared to an all-aluminum hub. The aluminum plate is secured to the hub with an M3 screw and ball stud, which is vertically adjustable. Now the ball stud is supported by aluminum from pushing or pulling out, while still threading into composite so it cannot work loose. 

Stiffezel Suspension Components 
Through months of testing, the TLR Race Team has found that the higher glass content of Stiffezel molded composite provides a more consistent and stable driving platform when it is used in strategically placed suspension components throughout the buggy. This includes the front and rear suspension arms, mud guards, stand up shock tower, and waterfall chassis braces. The result is a buggy that corners more consistently and lands with great improvement. 

Ballast Tuning Options 
The 22 4.0 buggy was designed to accommodate optional brass ballast weighs under the servo, under the electronics, and under the laydown transmission idler. This makes it easy to tune the static weight and weight bias of the vehicle for changing track conditions. When running a higher static weight, the chassis will become more neutral and easier to drive on ultra-high-grip surfaces. 

Fully Updated Ball Differential
Using all of the revised components from the 22 2.0 ball differential, the 22 4.0 diff will deliver super-smooth, long-lasting performance. Features include flattened 2nd operation outdrives, revised thrust washers, tungsten carbide diff and thrust balls, a one piece nut, and a self-centering diff gear. 

GenII 12mm Big Bore Shocks
These shocks continue to set the standard for high performance and easy maintenance. Features include X-Ring Seals, machined shock bushings, machined 2 x 1.6 and 2 x 1.7mm pistons, TiCN coated shock shafts, aluminum bleeder screw caps, hard-anodized threaded shock bodies, low-frequency springs, and spring cups that snap onto the shock shafts. 

All-New Lightweight 7075-T6 Aluminum Chassis
The chassis has been revised to accommodate the battery mounting options for both transmission configurations. Milled pockets have been added that lighten the overall weight of the chassis. The pockets also function as mounting stations for the optional brass ballast weights (sold separately). 

Included Option Parts 
The 22 4.0 kit comes loaded with optional upgrades like a milled 7075 aluminum top shaft, motor plates, rear camber block, clamping rear hexes and ball stud spacers throughout. It also includes HRC and LRC front pivots, standard and +3 rear hubs, aluminum bleeder shock caps, machined shock pistons and internals. 

22 4.0 Lightweight Body
An all-new, low-profile body was designed for the 22 4.0 buggy that provides outstanding aerodynamic performance. Pulled from 0.7mm polycarbonate, it also has the perfect balance of light weight and durability for 2WD buggy racing. 


  • Charger
  • Battery
  • Motor
  • Electronic Speed Control
  • Servo
  • Tires
  • Radio System
  • 48 Pitch Pinion Gear
  • Paint


  • Lightweight 2.5mm hard-anodized 7075 t-6 aluminum chassis
  • VLA front suspension
  • 3-gear laydown/stand up transmission (laydown shown)
  • Updated ball differential
  • Revised motor location
  • Transverse or fore-aft battery mounting options
  • Gen ii 12mm big-bore shocks
  • Ticn coated shock shafts and hinge pins
  • Aluminum bleeder caps
  • Adjustable rear pivots for toe and anti-squat
  • Adjustable aluminum rear camber block
  • Bellcrank steering system
  • HDs slipper with HD spring
  • New spindle with adjustable trail and ackermann
  • Rear hub with aluminum plate
  • Screw mounted rear wing
  • Stiffezel mud guards, arms, waterfalls
  • Open-ended ball cups
  • Standard and HRC front pivots included
  • Adjustable diff height, laydown
  • Adjustable shock location, laydown


Type: Race Kit
Scale: 1/10
Length: 15.0 in (382mm)
Width: 9.8 in (250mm)
Height: 5.8 in (148mm)
Wheelbase: 11.0 in (280mm)
Weight: Varies with equipment
Chassis: 2.5mm Milled Plate, 7075-T6 Aluminum
Suspension: Lower A-Arm, Upper Adjustable Link
Drivetrain: 2WD
Motor or Engine: 540 Size (Not Included)
Speed Control: Not Included
Radio: Not Included
Servos: Not Included
Batteries: Not Included
Charger: Not Included
Gear Pitch: 48-Pitch
Wheel Size: 2.2 in (56mm)
Kit/RTR: Kit
Shock Type: 12mm Big Bore, Oil Filled
Body: 22 4.0 Cab Forward, 0.7mm LW
Ball Bearings: Full Rubber Sealed Ball Bearings
Recommended Environment: Indoor/Outdoor
Assembly Time: 3-5 Hours
Is Assembly Required: Yes